Pennsylvania GOP Senate race is likely headed to a recount

The Pennsylvania Senate GOP primary is probably headed for a recount after the Associated Press said on Friday it could not project a winner because of the contest’s tight margins. As of Friday, television personality Mehmet Oz, endorsed by ex-president Donald Trump, led ex-hedge fund CEO David McCormick by 1,079 votes with 98 percent of precincts reporting.

Unless McCormick concedes by noon on Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Department of State will officially order a recount that must begin no later than June 1 be completed by noon on June 7, with the results likely released the next day…

Because the race was so close, outstanding mail-in ballots from overseas, as well as military and absentee ballots that always take more time to count became more important. Following Tuesday’s balloting, Trump, echoing his rhetoric from 2020, began sowing doubt about the results, suggesting the mail-in ballots were somehow fraudulent and that Oz should declare himself the winner.

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