BLM supporters got what they paid for

So what then was the point of donating to BLM after it had already succeeded? The point wasn’t any specific use of that money; you can’t buy police reform, after all. It was to expiate guilt from affluent leftists desperate to feel more virtuous than their neighbours, slightly less leftist liberals.

Donations to BLM were not about achieving any goal in the real world but rather in the hearts of the donors; they were not about policy but about emotions, meant to quell the shame and guilt of being white. And because the donation was emotional in nature rather than political, its destination was based on the identity of the receiver rather than any specific policy end. The money needed to change hands from a white person to a black person for the expiation to occur. This was both a necessary and sufficient condition for the exchange.

So how could any of those donors possibly claim to be aggrieved by how that money was spent? It’s the very definition of a victimless crime.