Yes on Kemp, no on Greene

Greene has been a disgrace to her office and a disservice to her constituents in Georgia’s 14th district. She made headlines during her 2020 campaign over her prior musings on QAnon, the “so-called plane that crashed into the Pentagon” on 9/11, and the Parkland shooting as a false-flag operation. In an incoherent and now-infamous Facebook post, she imagined an elaborate conspiracy connecting wildfires in California to Rothschild Inc. and then to space solar generators she likened to a “laser beam or light beam coming down to Earth.”

She has not mended her ways in office, claiming that January 6 was an “inside job” and a “Fed-surrection.” She told Lou Dobbs that joining the U.S. military was “like throwing your life away.” She spoke at the America First Political Action Conference, a white-nationalist gathering organized by a Holocaust denier. Of course, she promoted theories that the 2020 election was stolen.

These would be disqualifying ugly baggage even for a member of Congress who was otherwise busy and effective. For Greene, who serves on no committees, does no apparent legislative work, and rarely appears in a district she moved into in order to run for office, they are her accomplishments.

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