Rise of ultra-MAGA right could play into Dems’ hands

“In a general election, if it’s Shapiro vs. Mastriano, there will be a significant number of swing-voting Republicans and independents who will vote for Shapiro — and particularly in eastern Pennsylvania,” Charlie Dent, a former Republican House member from the state, told Axios.

“Many Republicans leaders will likely be supporting him, too, but whether they do it publicly or not is another matter,” Dent added.

In another political hotbed, thousands of Georgians who’ve voted Democratic in the past appear to have pulled Republican primary ballots this year, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

“Whoever wins the gubernatorial election in November will be my governor regardless of party affiliation. So, in the primary, … I will vote for the Republican I can best live with,” Elyn M., who identifies as a moderate Democrat, said in response to a reader callout made by Axios Atlanta reporter Emma Hurt.