Men, it's time to consider a vasectomy

Maybe there’s hope on that front. Since the draft opinion on Roe v. Wade was published, daily searches for “vasectomy” have increased 99 percent, according to Innerbody Research. Searches for “vasectomies near me” were highest in a few states where abortion bans or restrictions are already in place, which seems logical. Whether or not keyword searches translate into meaningful action is anybody’s guess. What is certain, though, is that more cis men in the U.S. could be making birth control a lot more gender-equitable by opting to get vasectomies. They have a lot of catching up to do: Vasectomy rates have been on the decline in recent decades, and there is no state in the U.S., red or blue, where more men are sterilized than women. In most states, the percentage of women sterilized is more than double that of men.

My vasectomy story is not so interesting (the lack of drama, I hope, will be a selling point). After having two kids together, my partner and I came to realize that making babies and raising them is really, really hard. Even though my fantasy had been three children, we accepted that, in reality, two was probably our limit. He got a vasectomy a year after our second was born. It has made life easier. The sex has also been a lot more fun—not worrying about pregnancy makes you a lot more present. Overall, the vasectomy has given us a sense of freedom we didn’t have before. Now’s the perfect time to get one for yourself.

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