Dems face election-year drag

SO WHAT’S A VULNERABLE DEMOCRAT TO DO? Dems in swing districts have been asking this very question for months now. Here are a few strategies Hill Democrats seem to be employing to protect themselves politically:

1) PASS EVERYTHING, EVEN IF IT’S DOOMED — Speaker NANCY PELOSI has started employing a spaghetti-at-the-wall strategy: Pass everything — even if it won’t go anywhere in the Senate — and have her members return home to tell voters that at least they tried…

As Rep. JAMAAL BOWMAN (D-N.Y.) told them: “We gotta show the people that we’re working our asses off.”

2) ALWAYS BE SELLING — Last night, Biden took the rare step of invoking the Defense Production Act in an effort to confront and address the growing national shortage of baby formula. (As a practical matter, AP’s Zeke Miller and Kevin Freking write that the move directs “suppliers of formula manufacturers to fulfill orders from those companies before other customers,” and authorizes the Pentagon to “use commercial aircraft to fly formula supplies that meet federal standards from overseas to the U.S.”)

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