Post-Roe babies will need support

Both the public and private sectors have roles to play. Government programs can provide basic needs such as nutrition and medical care. This aid must come paired with policies that reward parents for making choices proven to elevate outcomes for children, including working, learning, getting married and saving money.

But government can’t provide everything. If I’ve learned one thing in my years working with vulnerable children and families, it’s this: Material goods alone rarely solve the deepest challenges humanity faces. What’s needed is well-calibrated support rooted in meaningful relationships. A blend of help and friendship, assistance and accountability, tangible aid and personal connection makes all the difference. Government can’t create these relationships by mandate or printing press. They grow one generous heart at a time.

But the infrastructure for this relationship-rich support for children and families is already largely present across America. I see it in my work every day. Among its components…

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