Fetterman’s not-so-secret weapon: Weed legalization

Political strategists say a bold position on cannabis could be an important piece of a winning policy portfolio for both the primary and general elections in a race that will help determine control of the Senate. Progressives respond well to it — but even more than that, marijuana may do something very important in a state where election margins are razor thin: bring new voters to the polls.

“You’re talking about a state that Joe Biden won by only 80,000 votes,” said Mike Mikus, a Democratic strategist in Pennsylvania who isn’t aligned with any candidate in the race. “So any people, new voters or people who … may have decided to sit out the election — if you bring them out because of this issue, that is how you win these campaigns.”

And conversations with voters in this mid-sized southeastern Pennsylvania city suggest that Fetterman’s legalization stance is making a difference.

Casey Lofties, 25, from York, Pa., is a Southeast Pennsylvanian who will be voting for Fetterman on Tuesday. She said in an interview on Saturday that Fetterman’s support of marijuana was a major selling point for her.

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