Conservatives, stop falling in love with politicians

The Pennsylvania Senate race comes to mind. It’s an essential seat and we need to hold onto it. There are five main candidates trying to get our attention, and right now cons are falling in love with Kathy Barnette. She’s the nexus of another of these conservative infatuations where someone has a good moment at a debate backed by a compelling personal story and a bunch of us go ga-ga and fall head over heels. But just because we like what we hear once does not mean the other voters who are not as based as us will. Barnette is unvetted and untested – well, that’s not true. She was vetted and tested in a race last time, which she lost by double digits. But her ham-handed handling of her military records – which baffled me and I know a bit about how military personnel records work – was a symptom of a bigger problem. She has no team able to prevent things like that from becoming a problem. She’s not ready.

Oh, and while I never thought she was some sort of Dick Blumenthal taking personal credit for winning the Tet Offensive from back home, I still had some questions until she put out her DD 214, finally, on Saturday afternoon. That’s way too late.

And then there are her old tweets – there are always tweets, and you would think she’d be ready for them to come out, but no. Who knows what else is lurking in her past? Fear not though – while the cons who decided this mystery woman is definitely the one to support for a critical Senate seat because she told a moving story at a debate are not curious, everyone else is, and the Democrats are positively slobbering at the chance to tell them.