"The swamp does not only consist of Democrats"

“The swamp does not only consist of Democrats. I don’t know if you know that,” Barnette said in her speech, referencing the “drain the swamp” message made popular during the 2016 campaign of former President Donald Trump, who has endorsed Oz. “You can see it with what they are doing to me. Everything I said about myself, I have not exaggerated, I have not embellished. I have been very forthcoming. I have been running for 13 months, but these people are acting like I just crawled from under a rock yesterday.”

She added: “Look at that video they did, right? I have never supported Black Lives Matter. I have never said our country was systemically racist. In fact, I have always said the opposite, I have always said my story shows you just how far we have come as a nation.”…

Barnette also attacked Fox host Sean Hannity, who has had Oz on his show and asked him about some of her past tweets. She told the audience that Hannity is “doing exactly what he and others have said about the left, he is sowing disinformation in order to suppress our vote, in order to steal an election. That is exactly what they are doing.”

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