Steve Schmidt was always a hack

Now, 14 years after managing that losing race, and four years after McCain’s death (he was not invited to the funeral), Schmidt is back to stab the great war hero in the back (a level of disrespect not seen since Donald Trump said he “liked people who weren’t captured.”)

In recent days, Schmidt has alleged that McCain was involved in a long-time “relationship” with a female lobbyist (as was hinted at during the campaign), and says he was so disillusioned with McCain that he didn’t even vote for him—despite running his campaign.

What was the precipitating event that led Schmidt to unburden himself by making this revelation? I mean, why now?

The impetus seems to be revenge for Meghan McCain having liked a tweet alleging that Schmidt ran a “pedo racket.” Schmidt called attention to this on May 7, in the second tweet of an 11-part Twitter rant where he piled on a report about Meghan’s meager book sales. Just two days later, Schmidt’s attack on her father, John McCain, was published. If the attack on Sen. McCain was, in fact, aimed at hurting Meghan, it was a scummy move.

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