More Republicans are working to undermine Trump endorsements

In Pennsylvania, former Trump secretary of state Mike Pompeo and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), a strong Trump ally, are stumping for Senate candidate David McCormick, who has also hired a coterie of Trump’s former advisers — even though Trump is backing candidate and television personality Mehmet Oz in next Tuesday’s Republican primary there.

And the Club for Growth, an influential Republican organization with deep pockets that had been aligned with Trump, is also buttressing Kathy Barnette, a third GOP Senate candidate in Pennsylvania. Before the May 3 primary in Ohio, the Club for Growth had enraged Trump by running ads against winning Senate candidate J.D. Vance that Trump viewed as negative about him — and then increasing their spending after Trump attacked them…

And in the Pennsylvania Senate race, Trump advisers say the former president was particularly annoyed by Pompeo’s aggressive efforts against Oz — including calling a news conference last week to raise questions about Oz’s dual U.S.-Turkey citizenship.

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