"It’s wrong! It’s intimidation! It’s against the law."

IAN BREMMER: …So much of what we’re seeing right now is unprecedented compared to the days of 1999. You didn’t have opinions leak. You didn’t have people, masses demonstrated outside of the houses of Supreme Court.

BILL MAHER: So what do you think about that? Should… Should there be allowed? Because the, certainly the press spokesman at the White House is down with this. Jen Psaki said, asked about this, these are people who are demonstrating outside the houses of the Supreme Court justices, she said. I don’t have an official U.S. government position on where people protest, but we do. It’s wrong! It’s intimidation! It’s against the law. I mean, do we have some footage of what I mean, look, it’s not. Is it? It’s not it’s not terribly violent, obviously. But would you want this outside your house?

JANE HARMAN: No, there’s a 1950 law that says you can’t protest outside, outside a residence to influence a judge. There probably is a constitutional challenge that could win against that or there possibly is. But it would be much better, as is now going to happen in Washington to have a major rally. I might even be there to protest what could happen.

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