Conservatives should be careful not to overpraise Elon Musk

Musk has taken progressive positions on a whole host of issues, from immigration restrictions to climate change and abortion. Of the former, he “very much disagree[d]” with efforts to limit foreign skilled-work visas to the United States, a key immigration priority of the Trump administration and many Republicans in Congress. Tesla and SpaceX boast robust “diversity, equity, and inclusion” divisions that conduct regular ‘training’ sessions for employees. Conservatives have broadly opposed such divisions for their assumption of inherent racial biases in people — a premise drawn from critical race theory, which Republicans have targeted. And Tesla has also benefited from Democrats’ climate policies that promote electric vehicles, of which Telsa is the leading national producer…

If there’s any constant in Musk’s politics, however, it’s that they complement his diverse set of businesses. For all his bluster, he’s a pragmatist. As Ann Coulter observed, he’s “mostly about promoting himself.” Sometimes he takes his pragmatism to worrying extremes, as when he was once offered permanent residency by the People’s Republic of China, after saying that he “loves” the country, amid a curious, ongoing relative silence about other major controversies involving the Chinese Communist Party, from Hong Kong to the Uyghur genocide. It just goes to show that, where interests diverge, conservatives could find him on the other side of a political fight just as easily.

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