Ukraine fatigue is on the rise

It’s not that we have lost our overall wish for Putin to be thwarted in his designs to absorb Ukraine back into Mother Russia; but as the weeks pass, as inspiring as the Ukrainian resistance has been, more Americans are starting to wonder about the cost and duration of our involvement.

This should be a proper environment for principled debate, but that’s been made difficult by hot takes from both sides seeking to insult opponents. Skeptics slam Ukraine aid supporters as “endless war”-supporting neocons or opportunistic Democratic hawks looking to give Joe Biden one issue on which he might be able to claim success. Meanwhile, casting doubt or even asking questions about expensive American immersions into this crisis can draw accusations of siding with Putin.

This is not helpful. Questioning current and future billions of taxpayer dollars earmarked for Ukraine does not make one a Russian propagandist. Conversely, maintaining support for U.S. involvement does not necessarily constitute approval of spending without end.

But where does it end? It’s a fair question, and there is no clear answer.