People are angry at the Supreme Court over abortion. Let them vent.

This is a case where they would be well advised to continue with what they clearly are already doing — namely, allowing the modest-sized gatherings (including a small protest of 7 people cosplaying Handmaid’s Tale outside Amy Coney Barrett’s house on Wednesday evening) to continue. Law enforcement should remain present and intervene if any of the gatherings become disruptive, threatening, or veer toward violence. The justices and their families should also take full advantage of added security approved by unanimous consent in Congress earlier this week. But beyond that, the authorities should act with restraint.

This is the right move because of both the unprecedented consequences of the forthcoming Dobbs decision and the enduring character of small-d democratic politics. Assuming the majority opinion tracks with what was revealed in the leak, the nation’s highest court will be eliminating a constitutional right that has stood for 49 years. That will have the effect of making many millions of American women less free than they have been for two generations. That’s a very big deal and is bound to provoke anger at the perceived injustice. This indignation needs an outlet, and for most people, that outlet will be public protest.

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