Harris emerges as voice of abortion rights in Biden administration

The threat to abortion rights presents Ms. Harris an opportunity to recover from early political stumbles during her first year in office, including becoming entangled in two of the most difficult debates: immigration and voting rights. President Biden deputized Ms. Harris to take the lead on those subjects, both of which are mired in controversy and delay.

Now, Ms. Harris has a chance to become the voice of the administration on a subject which is complicated for her boss…

Some women’s rights organizations said the potentially historic moment could either make or break her legacy as vice president.

“This is the type of moment that creates leaders, so in my mind I think the question every leader should be asking themselves is where did they want to be? Where were they when this happened?” said Fatima Goss Graves, president of the National Women’s Law Center. “I would hope that everyone in the White House is raising their hand to be engaged.”

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