Goodbye Jen Psaki — no one condescends quite like you

Psaki recently confessed, as though we hadn’t guessed it already, that she went to work for Biden because she fell for Aaron Sorkin’s cartoon liberalism on “The West Wing,” which Sorkin created as a running corrective on everything the Clinton administration was bungling and which is as embarrassing as a Scientology video to those who don’t have Hillary Clinton body ink or name their children Barack Hussein.

In the Sorkin-fantasy West Wing, all you have to do to win is talk fast while striding down corridors, call the Republicans evil and issue stalwart defenses of progressivism so moving that people break down and cry at the awesomeness of it all. In the real West Wing, every day you get another smack in the face from reality.

The administration is baffled why voters have turned hostile at a moment when gas is five bucks a gallon and people literally can’t find food for their babies. Oh well, say the Psakis of the world, at least MSNBC audiences agree with my strategy: If anyone notices you’re terrible at your job, just call them a stupid son of a bitch.

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