Poll: How should the United States respond if Russia invades Ukraine?

When presented with a series of potential responses for the U.S. in the event that Russia attacks Ukraine, Democrats and Republicans both gravitate toward non-military intervention. Most Democrats (55%) and 46% of Republicans say the United States should impose economic sanctions on Russia if it invades Ukraine. There is similar support (56% of Democrats, 41% of Republicans) for seeking to stop the conflict via political means, such as negotiations.

No single response option received a majority of support among U.S. adults, but if the United States gets involved militarily, there is more support for sending weapons (32%) or financial aid to Ukraine (29%) than American soldiers. Across both major political parties, there is very little support for attacking Russia or sending U.S. troops to directly fight Russian soldiers. Even amid that hesitation, few Americans say that the United States should not get involved at all (16%).

About half of Americans (51%) are uncertain about Ukraine’s political future. Among those who have an opinion, they are just as likely to believe that Ukraine will be under Russian control in a year (25%) as remain an independent nation (24%).