Report: Manchin won't negotiate until Ron Klain makes amends

Klain also had a hand in drafting an unusually bitter statement excoriating Manchin after the senator came out against Biden’s Build Back Better social spending and climate bill, according to a White House official.

Manchin has complained publicly about the White House staff, and people close to him say those frustrations largely center on Klain. Manchin has told allies that he believes Klain has pushed Biden to embrace a more liberal policy agenda, adding that Klain must repair the relationship with him if the chief of staff is to be involved in future negotiations.

A Manchin spokesperson said the senator and Klain have always had a working relationship. Pelosi, in a statement, said Klain has “one of the most difficult jobs in the world” and “brings to it extensive knowledge of the challenges our country faces.”

Klain dismissed the notion that he has given liberals more favorable treatment than moderates, saying he “can’t help but cater to everyone in the party,” given the Democrats’ narrow congressional majorities.