“I’m livid. I can only call her a turncoat.”

VICE News talked to more than a dozen Arizona Democratic activists and former staffers who actively worked to elect Sinema during her 2018 race. Many expressed their frustration not just with her voting record but also with her inaccessibility, her seeming delight at infuriating her party’s base, and her unwillingness to meet. All said that they’d likely vote against her in a primary if she runs in 2024…

“I’m crushed that she won’t support doing away with the filibuster, and especially that she won’t explain any of her decisions,” Denis told VICE News on Thursday, saying Sinema’s vote on this and other issues has been a “slap in the face” to those who helped elect her.

“I’m livid. I can only call her a turncoat.”…

“I cannot wait to donate to her primary challenger. There is a running joke that Sinema staffers text each other: ‘That line on the resume gets worse and worse by the day,’” said [a] staffer. “People need to know she sucks.”

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