I did everything wrong and still haven’t caught COVID

By the summer of 2020, I was attending family gatherings, hosting get-togethers and going to housewarming parties where friends chanted “fuck Fauci.” I went to weddings, got my hair cut, had drinks with friends, traveled to the beach and booked a massage.

In the fall, I went to weekly trivia nights at the local bar with a team of ten people, attended physical therapy sessions after an accident, went out to dinner multiple times in downtown DC, spoke at conferences, got my nails done and went to a crowded Halloween party where a couple of people caught Covid.

In the winter, I went to political rallies, Christmas parties, yoga class, personal training, and CPAC in Orlando. I was required to get a Covid test after CPAC to attend another conference. I tested negative.

The spring of 2021, I went on dates, attended a huge St. Patrick’s Day party, met colleagues for lunch, golfed non-stop and took a work trip to Miami to interview Governor Ron DeSantis. After my dad passed away this summer, we held a large public memorial for him at the local fire hall.

I got sick twice in the past two years. I tested negative for Covid both times.