Who's the real Putin puppet, anyway?

Under Trump, the United States achieved energy independence, becoming a net exporter of oil and natural gas. Gas prices were low. The Keystone Pipeline, furthermore, promised to bring oil from Canada to the US heartland (“ethical oil” activists call it because it doesn’t come from a country dominated by dictators or Islamist enemies). Biden canceled that.

Gas prices have since skyrocketed, and people are unhappy, such that even NPR has noticed the Joe Biden “I did that!” stickers sprouting on gas pumps everywhere as ordinary Americans vent their frustrations. As for energy independence, Biden was reduced to begging OPEC to pump more oil to drive prices down. (OPEC, shockingly, declined.) High oil prices help Russia of course, since it’s a major oil producer.

And while Biden was blocking pipelines at home, he did manage to give US approval to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline connecting Russian gas fields to Europe, giving the Kremlin a huge cash infusion that will strengthen its position immeasurably while making Europe dependent on President Vladimir Putin, who could freeze them out by turning a few valves.

Basically, Biden’s energy policy involves weakening the United States and strengthening Russia.

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