Why Trump and DeSantis are talking about Australia

We know there have been protests, particularly in Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria. How widespread is the feeling that the government’s Covid policies have gone too far?

There are certainly some Australians who have been frustrated by moments of heavy-handedness. At one point in Melbourne, Victorian state authorities closed outdoor playgrounds even though there was little risk there. That really angered a lot of parents. The border closures also really made a lot of people furious, especially Australians living overseas who were trying to get home.

But Australians are also extremely proud of how they’ve handled the pandemic. The country has had fewer deaths per capita than just about anywhere. And while the lockdowns were hard, there was a lot of government aid to help workers and businesses. Most Australians, in polls and in interviews I’ve done all over the country, will tell you that, despite the problems, it’s been worth it.