Trump vs. DeSantis: Advantage, DeSantis

I did another Twitter poll on Trump v. DeSantis, which is unscientific yet still more scientific than the people telling you to wear a face thing and take a vaccine that doesn’t work as advertised. My previous one in June had Trump 45.7%, DeSantis 50.1% and others 4.1%. This week’s poll was Trump 33.4%, DeSantis 59.7% and others 6.9%.

That’s a big drop for Trump among my hardcore audience. Two-thirds now are looking elsewhere.

Ron DeSantis is the candidate du jour. Now, he is totally focused, as he must be, both on his sick wife and on winning the 2022 governor’s race. If either of those do not work out well, he can’t run. Further, he gains nothing picking a fight with Trump now. But if Trump does run, he will have to, because 2024 is the DeSantis year. In 2028, he will be an ex-governor and who knows what the issues look like or what the Dem bench looks like then?

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