Omicron encourages some to move beyond COVID precautions, despite risks

Joseph Anderson, a 39-year-old librarian in New York City, said he spent the past two years doing everything he could to protect himself and others. He followed CDC guidelines and got Covid-19 vaccinations as soon as they were available. In December, Mr. Anderson, his wife and 11-month-old son all contracted Covid-19 and spent Christmas in isolation with mild, flulike symptoms. He and his wife considered canceling their son’s first birthday party this past Saturday, but after recovering from Covid-19, they chose not to hold back.

“When you’re scared about something for so long and then it finally happens, you kind of feel almost a sense of relief,” he says…

Karen Edwards, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Irvine, says the threat of Covid-19 means you should avoid eating and drinking in public if you can. More interactions between potentially infected people will give the virus more pathways to spread and potentially mutate, she says…

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More transmission also threatens immunocompromised people, Dr. Edwards says. “They may be vaccinated and boosted and because of their underlying disease or medications they’re taking, their immune system is not going to react in the same way that a healthy individual’s would,” she says.

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