I hope everyone in America gets Omicron

Omicron is the inevitable, wonderful news and should be cause for celebration and relief. Instead, we are seeing the opposite. The media has ramped up the fear porn. Omicron is now “surging!”, liberals are threatening more lockdowns and those who’ve refused to get the clot, sorry, shot, are now a greater danger than ever before, according to those in power.

This, over a runny nose. “I guess I have Covid,” a friend texted me. He had to get mandatorily tested at work. “I have a runny nose. I didn’t think anything of it,” he said. I’ve received a handful of messages like that. And, of course, all these “breakthrough” cases of celebrities and politicians who got the shot, sometimes three times, are all “very mild,” we’re told.

They, too, have the sniffles, perhaps a tickle in the throat, and nothing else. That’s all you need to know to understand that very little about the response to the pandemic has been about public health — and entirely about politics, money and power. For some time now I figured we should just start having Covid orgies, like the adult version of a chicken pox party. The shot clearly isn’t preventing infection. So, if a friend tests positive, everyone meets at his place to lick the doorknobs, rub your face all over the toilet seat and spit in each other’s mouths. It’s really the most patriotic thing to do. Protect and isolate the fats and the olds, but for the rest of us, the sooner we get it and get over it, the quicker we can move on and retake power from the incompetent, confused, flip-flopping rubes who’ve controlled our lives for the past two years.