"Now, I look at them, I’m like, you f***ing propagandists"

“Maybe this is just my bias, I want the news. I want objective news. I want someone to tell me what are the facts of what’s going on? And what’s happening? I don’t want your ideological slant. And I want this left-wing propaganda network, which is what CNN has become,” Rogan said.

“The way I look at CNN now is so differently than the way I looked at CNN 15-20 years ago,” the host said. “I used to look at them as like, this is how I get the news. This is unbiased, professional news. They’re going to tell me what’s happening in Pakistan and what’s happening in, you know, Mogadishu. These are the real journalists that are telling you the news. Now, I look at them, I’m like, you f*cking* propagandists, what are you, the right arm of Pfizer? ”