What the Omicron variant means for the holidays

While we wait for data, basic protective measures are still your best bet. All signs point to the fact that the same old strategies (masks in public indoor places, rapid testing, ventilation and, of course, vaccines) are still the most important in stopping the spread of this airborne virus. Plus, the Delta variant is still among us representing 99.9% of the daily cases in the US, and these safety measures work to protect us well from Delta.

Additionally, if you live in a region of the world where vaccines are easily available, now is the time to get a booster — any booster — to increase your chance of fighting off the new Omicron variant.

If you’re fully vaccinated and were planning on holiday trips, it’s honestly too soon to give definitive advice. I am advising folks to look into their options for cancellation, but not to put the kibosh on that family gathering just yet — assuming that everyone has received at least their first series of the vaccines.