Why Delta and Omicron could be a "twin epidemic"

Actually demonstrating that it works, scaling up the distribution, the same vaccine-equity issues all over again, the public health messaging, which has already been so complicated to begin with, and all of the anti-vaccine aggression. It’s doable, but if we have to go there, it’s going to be a slog at the scientific level, the public health level, and policy level.

For the next few weeks we might see both variants in play, with Delta more likely to infect the unvaccinated and Omicron to infect those who are partially immune. For now, I think we should think about this as a twin epidemic of those two variants…

If Omicron starts to accelerate to the point where it out-competes Delta, like Delta out-competed Alpha, then we’re going to start maximizing non-pharmaceutical interventions, which will include masking in public and minimizing large gatherings again.