Exclusive: How Israel is attacking Iran’s nuclear sites

The tripartite sabotage effort began on July 2, 2020, with a mysterious explosion in the Iran Centre for Advanced Centrifuges (ICAC) facility at Natanz, one of the ultra-secure nuclear sites that are dotted around Iran.

At first, the Iranians were mystified. The building had apparently blown itself up. But how? The answer, as they say, shocked them. When the Ayatollah’s apparatchiks were renovating the facility in 2019, Israeli agents had posed as construction merchants and sold them building supplies. Those building supplies were packed with explosives. A year later, they were detonated by Tel Aviv.

Although this created substantial damage, the Natanz plant was far from out of the game. Beneath a protective layer of forty feet of concrete and iron lay the inner sanctum of the A1000 subterranean hall. Inside were up to 5,000 centrifuges that whirred away day and night, minute by minute taking the Iranian regime closer towards a nuclear weapon.

The second phase of the plan swung into action. Mossad spies approached up to ten Iranian scientists who had access to this holy of holies and managed to persuade them to switch sides — though they led the the scientists to believe that they were working for international dissidents, not Israel.