Some Republicans fear Roe win could backfire

Why it matters: The GOP has the best political environment in a decade leading into the midterms — and the last thing top party operatives want is for the Democratic base to become energized if the Supreme Court narrows or overturns Roe v. Wade.

As one longtime GOP political operative put it to Axios, it’s one “big flare-up” that could “derail what could be a 2010-level victory next year for the party and the movement.”

“Republicans and operatives in the party, I don’t think they’re ready. They better get ready before this decision comes out,” the operative said…

A Republican campaign strategist said such a ruling would be a messaging challenge for GOP candidates, and said they should calibrate their statements differently for general election voters than they would for primary voters.

“In primaries, the issue will be a talked about as a huge victory, and in general elections it will be about giving people a voice in their state’s abortion policies,” the strategist said.