Poll: Americans blame Biden, not business, for inflation and supply-chain problems

The poll asked: “In general, how responsible are politicians in Washington for recent increases in gasoline and food prices?” The answer suggests coal (or perhaps tiny solar panels?) in many politicians’ stockings this year: 69% of those responding to the poll said politicians were responsible, while just 21% said they weren’t.

Perhaps the most surprising result comes from looking at the political breakdown. There is little, if any, difference between Democrats (71%), Republicans (73%) and independents/others (68%). Finally, something on which all the major parties can agree…

The I&I/TIPP Poll asked respondents, “Who or what is primarily responsible for the supply chain crisis?” They were then given five possible responses. Most economists agree that the inflation and supply-chain crises are tightly linked.

Among those queried, 36% blamed “President Joe Biden and his administration” for the monumental supply-chain disruption, while 27% pointed their fingers at “government regulations.” All told, 63% blamed the government as the source of the problem, versus 15% who said the “private sector” and 14% who said “the workforce.” “Other” was selected by 7%.