“I predicted he would fade like Palin — gone in three years"

Donald Trump’s various manias didn’t make things any easier for city Republicans, who traditionally have been more sensible pro-business types. The GOP’s recent good showings have given some hope for a future beyond Trump. “I predicted he would fade like Palin — gone in three years. Now I think he’s gone even faster,” says Coulter. “How did we win in Virginia? How did we almost win in New Jersey? By keeping him out of it.” She is sharing her bottle of wine with Jon Levine, the Post gadfly who recently scooped that AOC’s “Tax the Rich” dress designer is herself a rich tax cheat. He hangs out here so much that, on a wall in the center of the dining room, there is a massive framed photograph of him dining outside on Second Avenue in a blizzard. Coulter owes him a steak because she made a bet Glenn Youngkin wouldn’t win in Virginia. She’s down a rib eye but ecstatic nonetheless.

It’s liberals who can’t let go of Trump, she insists. “Fifty years from now, we’ll all be dead, and they’ll still be running against Trump.” Unlike some people who come to this bar, she accepts the results of the 2020 election. “Oh, the ‘fraud,’” she laughs, using air quotes. “He’s a big fat loser.”