Conservative media makes up a fake Florida mansion for Pelosi

In case you’re wondering about the sourcing, that @gabehoff tweet seems to have disappeared. And as for the idea that Pelosi has been “house hunting” in Florida, that link goes to another Big League Politics story which makes the assertion based on a tweet from Marjorie Taylor Greene.

So this wasn’t crackerjack stuff to begin with.

The Big League Politics story was then picked up by Fox News contributor and “Investigative Reporter” Sara Carter’s site, though the story on Carter’s site carries the byline of “Staff Writer.”

As is usually the case, after these fringe outlets write vague, unsourced stories, slightly more respectable conservative sites aggregated them under the guise of “according to” various “reports” without noting how disreputable the sources of the reports are, or making any attempt to confirm them. These aggregations exist solely to farm clicks.