Esper sues Pentagon for improperly blocking parts of his memoir

“Significant text is being improperly withheld from publication in Secretary Esper’s manuscript under the guise of classification,” the suit said. “The withheld text is crucial to telling important stories discussed in the manuscript.”

Mr. Esper said in a statement that his goal with the book, titled “A Sacred Oath,” which is expected to be published in May, was to give the public “a full and unvarnished accounting of our nation’s history, especially the more difficult periods.”

He added: “I am more than disappointed the current administration is infringing on my First Amendment constitutional rights. And it is with regret that legal recourse is the only path now available for me to tell my full story to the American people.”…

During the Trump administration, officials were accused of using prepublication review to silence John R. Bolton, the former national security adviser who was trying to publish a book on his time working for Mr. Trump that contained many anecdotes that the president wanted to keep private.