"Woke" has been weaponized to label those fighting oppression the oppressors

When I once asked a white reader to define “racist,” he said “someone who blames others for their problems.” By that logic, there would be no way for Black people to call out past or present oppression and not meet his definition of racist. All they could legitimately do is shut up. And really that’s all the opponents to progress have ever wanted: silence from those demanding change.

That reader’s definition of “racist,” while absurd, is representative of a mindset held by people who have more control over the language and the popular meaning of words than Black people ever will…

For all the Black people urging other Black people to wake up and acknowledge what’s happening around them, polls such as the one from UVA reveal the people who are in the deepest sleep — or, the deepest delusion. They are the same ones who have made a weapon out of “woke,” which was coined by Black people to describe a state of being aware of oppressive systems, policies and people.