Pro-Trump painter causes stir in NYC art scene

In “Trump: Parallel Universe” — a collection of 30 paintings — Ruseva imagines Trump as Neptune, a Buddhist monk, Tarzan and the face of the sphinx. One image shows him making contact with alien life; another features him riding a great white shark while draped in an American flag.

Some of the paintings are overtly political. A mammoth 48′ x 72′ acrylic on canvas called “Expulsion From The White House” shows the former president as God expelling the naked and ashamed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. The imagery is derived from Masaccio’s renaissance fresco “Expulsion from the Garden of Eden.”

“I wanted to play around with childish fantasies,” Ruseva told The Post. “Some people hate him and call him racist. Some people love him and they are real fanatics. Everyone has their own picture of Donald Trump.

“I like Donald Trump as he is a strong person,” added Ruseva, who now lives in Fair Lawn, N.J. “It’s easy to criticize. It’s easy to say somebody is wrong or bad, or whatever, but how many people have reached what he reached?”