Israel warns WH over striking partial nuclear deal with Iran

Israeli officials are urging the White House not to strike a partial nuclear deal with Iran, warning it would be a gift to the new hard-line government in Tehran and stoking a growing public rift with the Biden administration over Iran’s nuclear program.

Senior Israeli officials say they fear that Washington is setting the stage for a “less-for-less” deal that would offer Tehran partial sanctions relief in exchange for freezing or winding back parts of their nuclear work. The tension comes as nuclear talks are set to resume on Monday, with expectations low that the 2015 nuclear deal—which the Trump administration withdrew from—can be fully revived.

U.S. officials characterize the discussions of a less-for-less deal as brainstorming, as American diplomats intensify their discussions with friendly European and Middle East countries about how to deal with Iran’s advancing nuclear program. Iran has kept the talks on standby since hard-line new President Ebrahim Raisi was elected in June.