I'd rather fake my own death than take over curriculum planning from school boards

There are a few problems with this question, one being that parents elect school boards in the first place. But a much bigger problem is that it suggests the existence of parents who want to spend more time dealing with logistical issues related to their children, something that already takes up approximately 99.9 percent of my waking brain energy.

Can you imagine even having to review one entire year’s worth of curriculum to approve it, much less providing detailed input on it? And doing this, probably, on a Zoom meeting with hundreds of other people? Do these angry parents know how much planning it takes to fill six hours each day with material that’s interesting enough to keep children from breaking everything in the classroom by hitting each other with it (elementary school) or texting each other TikToks about recreational drug use and open-minded sexual promiscuity (contemporary high school, I assume)?

Anyone who answered “parents” on that question has too much time and needs a hobby or other means of passing the time and finding purpose in life. In fact, I have the perfect thing: taking care of my children, this afternoon. Bring an umbrella.

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