Except for every sticking point, Dems are close to a deal

House Democrats are panning Sen. RON WYDEN’s (D-Ore.) plan to slap levies on unrealized asset gains for billionaires. Speaker NANCY PELOSI was dismissive of the idea, and House Ways and Means Chair RICHIE NEAL (D-Mass.) is privately fuming about it. If it falls through, so would $250 billion. And with Sen. KYRSTEN SINEMA (D-Ariz.) opposed to raising income tax rates on the wealthy or increasing the corporate tax rate, Democrats have some work to do. The details of Wyden’s plan, via Brian Faler

— Unhappy Bernie: Sen. BERNIE SANDERS (I-Vt.) also drew a red line Tuesday, insisting that his Medicare benefits expansion be included in the bill. We don’t know how this gets resolved since Manchin has been saying he won’t expand a program that’s already going bankrupt. More from The Hill’s Jordain Carney

— Manchin vs. IRS. Manchin also insisted Tuesday he won’t back any bill that forces banks to report to the IRS how much money flows in and out of individuals’ accounts. Without the provision, senior Democrats will have to find another pay-for. Our Pro Tax colleagues with more

— Pelosi vs. Jayapal: Democrats are still dogged by the same sequencing problem that thwarted their plans for a late September vote.

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