Experts demand our silence while they experiment on us

It’s important to remember that when EcoHealth Alliance bullied its experts (nearly all of whom had major conflicts of interest) into writing a letter to the most esteemed medical journal about how the “conspiracy theory” of the lab leak was a scientific impossibility, it functioned as more than just a message to the scientific community. The fake consensus that the letter presented was the basis on which Facebook, the most important communications and media platform in the world, decided to remove posts discussing the lab-leak theory and ban users who flouted that rule repeatedly.

As an aside, do you think Facebook would ever ban or censor people telling your daughter that she might really be a boy or have a boy’s brain? Sounds like scientific disinformation to me.

No, of course not. If anything, they’ll start banning the “deniers,” the people saying that Dave Chappelle is right. Maybe someday Facebook will apply for an NIH grant to de-bark the rest of us.