The battle over school boards is a disaster for Democrats

We are seeing the phenomenon in Virginia, where school board issues are dominating the governor’s race so much that Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe has had to run an expensive campaign ad assuring parents he did not mean what he said when he said parents should have no say in what their kids are taught.

A sleeping giant has been awakened. Parents and taxpayers are taking traditional school board issues and controversies into the political arena. As parents continue to mobilize, they can be expected to bring other child-related issues — such as school violence, open borders, and the inability to buy Christmas toys — into next year’s midterm congressional campaigns. This cannot be good news for Democrats, who will have to play defense on all these issues while being compelled to explain why the Biden administration has sicced the FBI on parents who publicly protest school policies.

Intended or not, this grassroots school board movement is a real-world response to the expanded influence of progressives and socialists on government and education. The awakened giant is fighting back!