Liberal backlash against Sinema grows as potential Arizona challenger emerges

“I think the sentiment that I’m hearing out there, voters in Arizona are upset with her, especially Democratic voters,” Rep. Ruben Gallego, a fellow Arizona Democrat, told CNN on Wednesday. “I think they support the President’s agenda, and they hope that she will, in the end, support the President’s agenda, pass reconciliation — the Build Back Better agenda.”

Gallego, who has been frequently mentioned as a potential primary challenger against her in 2024, pointedly did not rule out a run against Sinema.

“For me, all I care about is what happens between now and 2022,” Gallego said. “Those questions wait, wait.”

The criticism on the left is rampant not only back home but also in the halls of the US Capitol, as Sinema has stood firm against Democratic calls to gut the Senate’s filibuster to pass voting rights legislation and joined other moderates in voting against a minimum wage hike earlier this year.

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