Is Terry McAuliffe "losing it"?

“Terry is really starting to lose it,” Youngkin said. “I mean, he really is. He’s desperate. He knows that he has absolutely fallen behind in this race. We have huge momentum.”

“He knows what’s happening, so what’s he doing? He’s yelling at trackers, he’s bringing in the whole world to campaign with him,” Youngkin added.

The polls show a much closer race in Virginia than many would have predicted. The state has increasingly shifted further to the left thanks to the growing population of Northern Virginia, which tends to share the politics of neighboring liberal city Washington, DC. This is especially troubling for McAuliffe because he previously served as governor (Virginia prevents governors from serving consecutive terms) and left office with a relatively good approval rating.

“I think he might feel entitled because he was governor,” Youngkin mused during a Fox News interview Wednesday morning.

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