Why Team Biden is purposely scaring folks about kids and COVID

Every death of a child is a tragedy. But trying to frighten people by using the phrase “hundreds of children” when you’re talking about a disease that has killed hundreds upon hundreds of thousands over the age of 18 is an egregious case of emotional misrepresentation.

And consider the false sentiment he expressed immediately afterward: “COVID has disrupted our kids’ lives. It’s made school harder. It’s disrupted their ability to see friends and family. It’s made youth sports more challenging. By getting our kids vaccinated we have the prospect of protecting them but also getting all of those activities back.”

The disruptions here were deliberate choices made by public-health officials — and what we know about them now is that they were the wrong choices. They were unnecessary then, and to the extent that they are ongoing, they are unnecessary now. In 2020, officials had the excuse that they didn’t really know better. Now they do. But they’re still using children as a political tool.

Look, I will be happy to see my 11-year-old get vaccinated, and will arrange it first thing when it is made available. But mostly that’s about putting him in the position to be free of the behavioral and social burdens that have been improperly placed on him by the one-size-fits-all regulatory madness of the public-health bureaucracy that is now trying to generate a panic around childhood vaccinations to try to save their own — and Joe Biden’s — diminishing credibility.

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