Meghan McCain's reputation may keep her from getting any new hosting gigs

But her well-known reputation for being a challenging personality to work with, day in and day out, has kept television executives at bay. This isn’t just news gleaned from anonymously sourced gossip page leaks. A number of industry insiders made clear to Mediaite that McCain is known for being difficult to work with, which has kept television executives at bay.

This bad press is not unique to McCain. There are a number of television personalities — from Lawrence O’Donnell to Pete Hegseth — who have developed similar attitudinal reputations. But McCain has re-entered the spotlight this week, talking about what seems to be one of her favorite subjects… herself. And her future in broadcast or cable television is now a question on many industry executives’ minds…

McCain did very well as a foil. That’s another reason why, according to a separate cable news exec, McCain likely won’t be offered her own show anytime soon. Nor would she fit in on a panel show of like-minded people. She does well when she stands out, and it makes for compelling television.

So what happens to Meghan? Executives are leaving a lot of viewer eyeballs on the table by not bringing her on board. A development exec would be wise to pair her, à la View, with a group of liberal co-hosts.