Schools should do away with mask mandates by the end of the year

Here are four things we should do to prioritize the health of children:

Mandate vaccines for all adults in schools, as Los Angeles and New York City have done. We know this causes vaccinate rates to rise sharply. New York City’s Department of Education saw its rate spike from around 50 percent in early August to 95 percent.

Host at-school vaccination clinics for 5-to-11-year-olds in every school in the country. Any family that wants their child vaccinated should have that opportunity as soon as vaccines are available. No more crossing our fingers and hoping that people will find a local clinic or CVS to go to. We must bring the vaccines to the students. The time to prepare for this is now.

Expand use of rapid antigen tests so we can end the unnecessary quarantining of kids. Quarantines are a blunt instrument to control spread by assuming every close contact might be infectious. Rapid tests solve that problem by revealing who is actively infectious.

Improve ventilation and filtration.

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