Attacking the memory of a great American is cruel, unhinged and unpatriotic

But why can’t President Trump help himself?

It’s the sick, twisted, classless part of his demented psyche that will forever keep me recoiled from him, despite agreeing with him on many things.

Character matters, it will always matter, and I think that more than anything else lost him his last election by repelling decent folk who were no fans of Biden but could not bring themselves to vote for someone who was so far removed from their moral standards.

Why choose to attack Secretary Powell right now? He has attacked him on his role in the Iraq war, called him a ‘classic RINO’ (meaning ‘Republican in name only’, a cheap slander for anyone who doesn’t worship and debase themselves at the golden altar of the Trump tower) and how the media treated him ‘beautifully’.

Even though this is something, pathetically President Trump has done many times before, it doesn’t make it less disgusting when he does it again, especially in such a sacred moment of someone’s death.