It’s strange Superman was ever straight to begin with

That last bit, lodged in among all the fearmongering over Supergays and Superbis, is actually a decent point: Why can’t we have completely new LGBTQ characters, and why should we praise DC Comics as brave for a half-measure that, frankly, is long overdue? Why should we keep celebrating the scraps?

Minting some super queers and giving them the spotlight they deserve sounds like an excellent idea, but it’s not as though the critics of Superman’s new direction are advocating to provide LGBTQ creators the resources and opportunities to do so. They’re just mad that their longtime exemplar of the best of us isn’t as straight as they need him to be.

Honestly, it makes way more sense if the far-off alien Superman is bisexual, or reproduces by spores, or at least assumes some terrifying nonhuman form and is a very vocal ally. But for now, we’ll take what we can get from DC, and hold out for our own queer hero to come crashing to Earth.